feel in contRol of yoUr business

With your organized, ultra-process-oriented new team.

you cRave order.
but the mental papeRs still fly aRound.

There aren’t enough hours in the day. 

We have systems, but they are definitely not productive ones. 

We can’t grow. We’re totally at capacity. 

You may think your systems are great. But if you have 10 different tools that you need to complete the project, then there is definitely room for improvement. 

If those thoughts cross your mind on the reg, then you probably need stronger systems. When you have a streamlined back-end with automations, integrations, team tasks assigned, and project management– you can feel in control. 

And that all starts with ClickUp, a fully customizable system that calms the flying papers and frees up space for you to grow.

benefits of a ClickUp build

What to focus on. What matters. Priorities. You know them all. 

To-Dos Done
Never miss another deadline or sit on a task for 2 weeks. 

More Time
And space to generate more business and sustainably scale.

what happens after ClickUp enters the picture

“Working with Kaci and her team was amazing! She is so friendly and so receptive to whatever business someone may have! Being a chiropractic office, I wasn’t sure if she’d ever dealt with something that pertained to our office. However, I quickly learned that it didn’t matter- what she is doing is universal- applicable to any office environment. I am so grateful to Kaci for saving us so much time and allowing us to be able to focus on our patients’ care more!”

Christina Gingerich,  Office Manager

Chiropractor Connection

“Kaci and her team did such an amazing job being so thorough to ensure that we were on the same page and executed the VIP day flawlessly. I feel like this weight has been lifted off my shoulders! I am so excited to be welcoming all my future clients to their new client dashboard! I know that they will feel like they are being taken care of every step of the way and having an efficient and thorough project management does just that.”

Patricia Elaschuk, CEO & Founder

Studio Dukesa

woRk with us

ClickUp Audits

You already have a system in place. And it’s kinda working. But your team isn’t using it and something is definitely missing. 

Investment: $397

ClickUp vip day

Streamline one specific portion of your ClickUp in 1 day. This way, you can clear this obstacle that’s wasting time and get precious hours back. (I’m talking 8+ per week) 

We can work on optimizing how your business runs, working on client spaces, creating automations, setting up dashboards, or solidifying high-level management spaces. 

Investment: $2500

ClickUp vip week

Best Value– because it’s 3 days of our team’s time for way less than 3 VIP Days 

A full systems buildout in under 5 days. Create a holistic solution that automates and integrates with your business. Your team will actually use it– we build it for them, and productivity will be at an all time high. 

Investment: $6000

Monthly Management

Keep our team onboard to grow your systems with every pivot, expansion, and change. Every systems buildout is meant to grow with you, but sometimes it’s helpful to keep your systems specialist onboard to ensure team productivity is always on point. 

All monthly packages include:

Investment: $700 – $1500 per month

There is a world where you’re fully out of the drudgery and into the CEO tasks that will move the needle. It’s on the other side of a customized systems solution for your business. 

the diffeRence that systems cAn make

“The part that stood out the most to me was my chats with Kaci and knowing that I felt heard and everything was personalized to exactly what I needed. Also her assistance with suggestions for other additions that I hadn’t thought of for my setup!”

Adele Goodwin,  CEO & Founder

Just Boost Digital

“I’m empowered with KNOWLEDGE. Kaci and her team set up dashboards for all team members, she streamlined our boards and Marie Kondo-ed everything leaving us with only the essentials and NO DIGITAL CLUTTER. I like her no-nonsense approach and how frank she is.”

Ruxana Oosman,  CEO & Founder

Ruxana’s Home Interiors LLC

cut the flUff.

Join our email list to ditch the drudgery and start building a business that’s smooth as butter. 


cut the flUff

Join our email list to ditch the drudgery and start building a business that’s smooth as butter.