The Best Morning Routine for Business Owners

How I Plan My Morning with ClickUp – A Guide to Streamlined Mornings for Business Owners

As business owners, our mornings set the tone for the rest of the day. They can be a whirlwind of tasks and decisions, leaving us overwhelmed before we’ve even had our first cup of coffee. But fear not, fellow entrepreneurs!


I’ve found a secret weapon to tame the morning chaos: ClickUp. Here’s a glimpse into how I use ClickUp’s Calendar View at the Everything level to transform my mornings from hectic to harmonious.

The Power of ClickUp’s Calendar View at Everything Level

  1. Bird’s-Eye View for a Clear Start
    • Each morning, I begin by opening ClickUp’s Calendar View at the Everything level. This comprehensive perspective is like having a command center at your fingertips. It shows me all my tasks, across all projects, in one unified view. This bird’s-eye perspective helps me prioritize and focus, ensuring that I tackle the most critical tasks first.
  2. Categorizing for Clarity
    • Within the Calendar View, I categorize tasks using color coding. This visual strategy allows me to quickly identify different types of tasks – client meetings, project deadlines, team check-ins – at a glance. This simple yet effective method cuts down on the time I spend figuring out what’s next, keeping me on track from the get-go.
  3. Strategic Scheduling
    • I strategically schedule my high-priority tasks for the morning when my energy and concentration are at their peak. ClickUp’s drag-and-drop feature in the Calendar View makes rescheduling a breeze. If something unexpected comes up, I can easily adjust my day’s plan without the headache.
  4. Time Blocking for Focused Work
    • Time blocking is a game changer for productivity. In ClickUp, I block out specific times for deep work, allowing me to dive into complex tasks without interruption. This practice not only boosts my productivity but also ensures that I make significant progress on key projects each day.
  5. Automation for Efficiency
    • Automations in ClickUp are my morning time-savers. I have set up automations to remind me of my day’s most important tasks and deadlines. This means I spend less time sifting through tasks and more time doing them.

Wrapping Up My Morning Routine

By the time I’ve gone through my ClickUp Calendar View, I have a clear action plan for the day. This routine doesn’t just organize my tasks; it organizes my mind, setting a calm, controlled tone for the day.
And the best part? All of this takes less than 20 minutes!

Your Turn to Transform Your Mornings

If you’re a business owner struggling with morning overwhelm, give ClickUp’s Calendar View at the Everything level a try. It’s more than just a task management feature; it’s a way to bring structure, clarity, and efficiency to your daily hustle.
And remember, while tools like ClickUp are powerful, they’re most effective when tailored to your unique workflow. So, take the time to customize it to your needs. Trust me, it’s worth it.
Keen to learn more about leveraging ClickUp for business success? Or perhaps you’re curious about how a Certified Online Business Manager can help streamline your operations? Let’s chat. Together, we can turn your mornings, and your business, into well-oiled machines.