your small business. stReamlined with clickUp.

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tAke yoUr tiMe bAck.

With the resources in the ClickUp shop, you can: 

Get clear
Priorities? You know them. You crush them. 

Cross off to-dos
That list? Consider it done. 

Find peace
Papers flying? It’s calm on the whole team. 

Get out of the weeds
The drudgery tasks? Gone or taken care of. 

Generate more business
What happens with more space? More growth.

clickUp templates

Plug-and-play templates to streamline your business in an afternoon.

confidence in clickUp course 

DIY your way into stronger systems, so your team can be more productive and you have more space for peaceful moments. 

What happens when you invest in your systems

The templates are very easy to implement and customize as needed. I use them and the course in every aspect of my business. I have more than doubled my business revenue and I would say a large part of that is due to me being able to stay organized because of ClickUp and the templates.

Ebony Smith, CEO & Founder

Artistry Marketing

I was surprised by how quick I was able to get the templates set up. If I didn’t grab the templates and course, I would still be fumbling around in the dark. Click up seems great once it’s going but hard to start from scratch. Noe, I’m feeling way more organized and I have all to to-dos in one place! 

Julia, CEO & Founder

Define + Design Co

The templates gave me new ideas to be more efficient with my ClickUp setup and for my clients. I was happy to see Kaci’s ideas on how to setup ClickUp and the templates gave me more ideas on how to use ClickUp in my business. Most of all, I love her customer service in the FB group. She is always quick to answer any questions that come up and even film a Loom video. That’s been priceless.

Stephanie Donahue, CEO & Founder

Stephanie Donahue Co.

I had some previous knowledge of it but your templates and course made it SO EASY. My business is on autopilot and I don’t have to think about what’s next and what I need to do. Everything is automated now. SOPs are (mostly) set up. I’m notified when tasks are due without losing my mind trying to keep track of everything. I’ve also moved beyond a paper planner for the first time EVER.

Shannon Pruitt, CEO and Founder

Sunday Muse Design

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