Tame the chaos. Master your ClickUp.

With Confidence in ClickUp you can fully optimize your back-end, save hours per day, make your team more productive, and expand your capacity.

spinning yoUr wheels when it comes to your systems and pRocesses? not on oUr watch.

We’d rather you take the wheel 

You’ve heard of ClickUp. You know it’s one of the most powerful systems you can use for growing your business and keeping your team focused. 

But when you look ClickUp in the eye, you think where the heck do I even begin?’ 

There are so many capabilities. Spaces. Folders. Automations. Dashboards. Forms. Integrations. If only someone could show you what you need to build, then show you how to create a fully-functional system that your team will use.

when yoU commit to creating a ClickUp that’s woRking


Hi, i’m Kaci.


With organization and efficiency as my superpowers, I live for the moments when I can step into a small business and help them manage, plan, track, organize, streamline, and get time back. 

From being a dental office manager to running a 6-figure online business in less than 2 years, I’ve helped 100s of businesses grow by revitalizing the back-end of their business to make it smooth. Some say my best skill is taking the jumbled mess in someone’s brain and turning it into a sustainable system. 

I have over a decade of management experience specializing in systems and process creation and efficiency. This Type-A, Vetted ClickUp Consultant has managed multiple teams of 10+ people and lives + breathes organization. 

The result? A more peaceful day-to-day and space to generate even more business. 10 hours of your time back per week. Now, that’s my love language. Well, it’s up there with back-to-back episodes of Friends.

get ready for this

our signature clickup course for business owners who want to build out their back-end systems the right way– ensuring it’s intuitive, time-saving, and organized to maximize productivity.


confidence in ClickUp

inside, yoU will:

inside the coUrse

module one

getting started

Even if you’ve never used a project management tool, I’ll set you up to gain the foundations so customizing it feels seamless. 

This includes:

module two

clickup basics

So many features. But have no fear, tons of ClickUp basics are easy to pick up and they’ll save you hours of time. 

This includes: 

module three

advanced clickup

Once you feel good, we’ll kick things up a notch– showing you advanced features that’ll really make your system look professional. 

This includes these videos:

module four


Questions? Something going wrong? These troubleshooting sessions help you when obstacles pop up.

module five

live support

More training. Hacks and tips. And hot seat, real-time help for businesses just like yours. Always recorded for when you’d like to go deeper into your systems and processes.

what happens when a hot,
new software enters the villa 

Everything is so well thought out and laid out it takes all of the fuss and muss out of getting set up on the right foot. The templates are amazing and streamline all the tasks to get up and going right out the door!
Kate Sullivan
Online Business Manager
I now have the confidence to get it going and manage it by myself and not waste time working out how. Setup was also so quick, 20 minutes, and I was already adding my tasks and getting organized.
Sarah Tucker

Who This is For

confidence in ClickUp *might* change yoUr life, if:

Bite-sized, focused trainings that show you how to master ClickUp. No fluff.

Just everything you need to up your productivity.

Not only was it quick and easy to set up, I know for a fact I'll be saving hours now that I have ClickUp set up correctly. I am now equipped to bring on new Podcast clients with ease! I have it set up for a seamless onboarding and ongoing process when working with clients on retainers.
Hannah Celerin
Podcast Manager
The correct set-up period. I had it alllllll wrong. Now, the flow is fantastic. The calendar view had me go from overwhelmed to a color-coded haven of productivity. Only God knows how much time I am going to be saving now!
Jacqueline Vizcaino
Wedding Planner

what’s included:

Total Value: $8000+

Regular Price: $797

today’s price: $247

I was already using ClickUp, but your templates and course have been such a game changer. The automations and forms I have learned from the course have been life-changing! We are now saving several hours a week with our clients and team.
Allie Moses
Online Business Manager
Kaci’s ClickUp course has been a game-changer for our agency. I had pretty extensive past knowledge of ClickUp. But the course walked me through advanced features I didn’t know how to take advantage of. Now, our ClickUp functions really well for what we need for our client delivery and internal operations.
Safa Harris
Business Growth Strategist

frequently asked questions

I already use ClickUp, is this more than just the basics?


The course has an entire advanced section for people already using the basics.

We also do a monthly training with hot seat coaching that is tailored to more than the basics.

I am scared of ClickUp! How will this course help me?

ClickUp is lot to take in when you first get it.

Our course starts with the very basics, and grows from there. It literally starts with how to navigate ClickUp.

Each lesson is under 15 minutes, so it’s very easy to digest and not get overwhelmed.

What are the monthly trainings?

These vary from all kinds of things, like time blocking and CEO days, optimizing your social media, and repurposing content.

We aim to serve you; we have a request form you can fill out if you want specific training done. 

Are there discounts included for your templates if we purchase the course?

There is not, but the course has exclusive templates unavailable elsewhere.

And we provide monthly trainings with step-by-step tutorials on how to do things inside your own ClickUp. 

Can I have my team use this course to learn ClickUp?

Yes, you are welcome to provide your team your login details to help them understand how to use ClickUp. 

Just so you know, only the purchaser will be admitted into the private Facebook group.

Does this help me learn how use it for my business or can I use it to learn how to offer ClickUp as a service to clients?

One of my expert advice trainings is organizing your ClickUp to serve you best and keep the overwhelm down!

You can also use this course to help you master ClickUp and offer it as a service to your clients.  

Is the course refundable?

Due to the nature of this product, being digital and you get immediate access, no refunds are offered for The Confidence in ClickUp Course. 

If you are unhappy or need help with the course, you will have access to the private Facebook group, and you can email support@purposefulsystems.com for us to assist you.

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When you sign up, you will get:
– Lifetime access to the 5 modules
– A lifetime private Facebook support group
– Monthly training and hot-seat-style specific advice
– BONUS: ClickUp Templates 
– BONUS: ClickUp Video Audit

what’s included:

Total Value: $8000+

Regular Price: $797

today’s price: $247