stReamline your business. focus on what matteRs.

With Purposeful Systems, you can set up systems that your team will *actually* use– leading to less wasted time, more peace, and extra space to get more clients. 

Based in Idaho. Serving businesses in person and online.

guess what?! TheRe is enough time in the day.

When business stress knocks on your door and ruffles your papers daily– it can be easy to keep thinking you’re not doing enough for your business, team, and goals. 

But this Wild West mode doesn’t have to be your  normal. With systems and processes, your business can sustainably operate while you get yourself out of the weeds of the day-to-day. 

Let’s team up so you can focus on your superpowers while we are automating, systematizing, and streamlining everything that makes you want to cry.

a quick cRash course on systems and pRocesses

Systems let you step away from the drudgery in your business. Aka that list of tasks that makes you feel overwhelmed just thinking about it. 

Our favorite platform to use is ClickUp, but we believe in building out and improving current systems that your team will understand and actually use– regardless of how sexy its branding is. 

Through integrations, automations, and workflows– you’ll be able to onboard clients in under 5 minutes, manage your team seamlessly, and save about 10 hours a week. 

What would you do with that time?

Your small business. Streamlined.

at a glaNce

Small businesses served 

Hours saved for teams 

Of teams are still using their systems build out after 3 years

how we help

woRk with us 

We’ll come into your business– through the door or online and do a full systems build or optimize in under a week. By integrating your team into this build, we’ll streamline your business in a way that sticks, making your new system sustainable. 

Inside: Audits, Basic Full-Day Systems Builds, Premium Week Systems Builds, and Monthly Management 

the clickUp shop

Take matters into your own hands with our hyper-focused ClickUp resources. Inside you’ll find templates and education, so you can step off the doing it all hamster wheel and into a business where everything is under control. 

Inside: ClickUp Templates and Confidence in ClickUp Course 

from messy and doing extra work to streamlined and saving time.

Before our VIP Week, I felt like our business looked polished from the outside, but was kind of a mess on the inside. We were doing extra work (lots of copy & paste between systems) and communication was hard to track with the different systems we were using. The communication both for our internal team and externally for our contractors will save us on unnecessary Slack and email communication. We now have a more professional look to our clients and it helps our team know exactly what is expected of them. The automations between planning social content and adding it for client approval. This will save us so much time. I feel like our business is streamlined both for our internal team, and for our clients. The process is the same for all clients which helps our team track tasks and project status’.

carly kerndt, ceo & founder – flydog digital

cut the flUff.

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hi, I’m Kaci 

Founder of Purposeful Systems 

When you save time, you choose how you want to spend your precious hours. Grow your business. Be present with your family. Work less. When you choose a life of freedom and a streamlined, peaceful business– your options expand. 

I can’t wait to completely change your back-end systems, so you can show up as your best every day at work and in life. 

Let’s do this,

cut the flUff.

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